Deep Node


Download the Free Version of Deep Node

The free version of Deep Node lets you actually see what's happening on your network for the first time. This version is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. For Deep Node's enterprise product, please see our Console SOC page and contact or to schedule a demo.  

Prerequisites for Free Version

You must have Java 8 or higher with 64-bit JRE. Do not run the console in a VM, it requires robust 3D graphics acceleration. On Mac and Linux, the console will prompt you to run as root so it can sniff traffic using tcpdump. 
We strongly encourage you to review The ConceptGet Started... and FAQs to get the most out of Deep Node.

Download and Run with Java Web Start

Windows: click here (.jnlp)
Double-click the JNLP file each time to run the console. 

Linux: click here (.tar) 
Open the .tar file and double-click the "" script each time to run the console.

Mac: click here (.tar)
Open the .tar file and double-click the "launch_console_as_root.command" script each time to run the console.

Download and Install Locally


Linux/Mac: dnconsole-1.15.tar.gz

Extract the folder, then from the command line "cd" into the "dnconsole-#.##" folder, then run "./"

Need Help?

Please don't hesitate to email us at with any issues or questions. If you need immediate assistance getting Deep Node running, you can email Karson at Hit us up on our Google forum to ask questions, let us know about issues, and request new features. 

Advanced Options

For advanced feeds and configurations, please see our Documentation. This includes our open source sniffer software that can be deployed across multiple network locations to feed into the console.